What Is Hepatitis?

This is a common virus that attacks the liver in humans. Acute infections can be overcome and the body fights them without treatment. However, chronic infections can lead to liver cancer and liver failure. Three versions of this virus exist – “A”, “B”, and “C”. Though there is more than one way to come in contact with it, it is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Getting a Hepatitis B test is smart and should be done routinely. Reports show that over 1 million people in the U.S. have a chronic infection (that lasts a lifetime). Most do not know it. A lab-based hepatitis test is the only way to know whether or not a person has been infected. Order your test online now and get quick results. You can order a partial test (like for hepatitis only) or a complete STD testing that will check for all sexually transmitted diseases.

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What is Hepatitis B?

Also called HBV, this disease is the most common in adults aged 20-49. It is spread from person to person in bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, fluids coming from open sores, vaginal secretions, and semen. Common ways to come in contact with Hepatitis B are through sexual activities, sexual intercourse, needles (tattoo, medical, or piercing needles), or razors (from people sharing razors). Get tested now. Order here.

Since it is considered an STD, anyone who is sexually active is at risk. Even if a person contracted the virus through a needle or a razor, they can spread it to their partner during sexual activities. Using condoms reduces the risk but it does not completely remove it because saliva is transferred from person to person during heavy kissing and it can be transmitted through saliva. The only way to avoid being exposed through sexual contact is by not engaging in any type of sexual activity at all, including kissing. A hepatitis test is the only way to know if a person has it. Engaging sexual activity with a person that has tested negative reduces the risk of transmission in this way.

Why Get a Hepatitis B Test?

It is smart to get a hepatitis B test, especially for those who are sexually active. If results are negative, a vaccine is available to protect people against its effects. Vaccination is a smart choice because there is no cure. If a person did not get a vaccine and their body cannot fight it they will likely have chronic liver disease. For positive results, an antiviral treatment may be given with early diagnosis. This could help fight the disease and prevent future symptoms. Get a Hepatitis B test with fast confidential results. Get started now.

For an instant discount on a full hepatitis test (A, B, & C). Simply order an affordable std test, stop by a local lab to give a quick blood sample, and you’re done. No appointment is necessary. If you are sexually active it is recommended that you get screened for all STDs. An instant discount will be automatically applied and your confidential results will be emailed directly to you within 1-2 days. A consultation with a doctor is available if anything comes back positive. Find a lab in your area now. Instant discount coupons are only available while supplies last.

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