Easy STD Test in Washington *STEP ONE* Order your Test electronically.

Pay for the STD Test
Simply get the test by phone or online now. Get connected to STD Test centers in the Washington region that make getting screened for STDs a fast and convenient process. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Easy STD Test - Your Right to Privacy.
Your overall health condition is an incredibly personal subject. Your confidentiality is extremely important. All STD Test centers have to obey the HIPAA Privacy Rule which assures your right to personal discretion by making your medical information confidential.


Easy STD Test *STEP TWO* Visit a Test center.

CHOOSE A LOCAL Test center in the Washington area
There are over 4,000 Test centers to pick from so finding a screening center is convenient. All you have to do is type in the zip code of where you are to get a list of testing labs in your area. Since the test is paid in advance, it will be prepared when you get there. There is unncessary delay, no lengthy papers to complete or appointment needed. They aim to get you out of the lab quickly and in a flash. Just offer a confidential urine or blood sample, depending on the screening type, and you can continue with your day. All Washington Test centers will be open for business during the week. Some testing centers have Saturday hours too. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Easy STD Test *STEP THREE* Understand the outcome then talk to a doctor at no cost.

The STD Test conclusions are delivered via email in less than 3 days. Specialists are available for your convenience to answer questions. Doctors are also available to give a no-cost phone consultation if your testing is not negative. How will the screening come back? View a mockup of STD Test findings here . Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Talk to a physician once the testing is over and the conclusions are clear. You will get a toll-free number so you can consult with a medical professional if your test is not negative. In specific situations, the medic can set up a prescription to help you get better. Free doctor referrals if needed.