Affordable STD Testing in Pittsburgh *STEP ONE* Order your test online.

Order the Affordable STD Testing
Simply select and pay for your screening online. You can choose individual screenings including chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, B or C, herpes, HIV, syphilis, or all of them. Participating labs offering STD testing in Pittsburgh make getting tested an easy and confidential process.

Get $10 off a full STD testing now. Early detection of any sexually transmitted infection is the only way to get treated fast. Get tested for: chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. Or, simply order a full test. This is highly recommended and tells the lab to screen all of the above infections. It is smart get a full screening.

Affordable STD Testing - Confidential Screening Results.
Your sexual health is an incredibly private matter. Confidentiality is very important. All clinics that provide STD testing in Pittsburgh must abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule which supports your right to privacy and allows people to keep their screening results confidential.


Affordable STD Testing *STEP TWO* Visit a local lab.

There are lots of same day testing clinics to choose from so finding a lab is easy. Simply plug in the zip code of where you are to pull up a directory of clinics in and around Pittsburgh.

Since the test is ordered and pre-paid online, the process can go fast when you arrive, even if it is the same day. There is no annoying delay, no forms to fill out once you get there, and no appointment is necessary. The purpose is to get you in and out of the lab fast and conveniently.

Simply offer a quick urine or blood sample, depending on the screening, and you're done. All Pittsburgh area labs conveniently conduct screenings during the week. Many clinics are open on the weekend as well. Act now and get fast results

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Affordable STD Testing *STEP THREE* Confidential screening results.

The STD testing results are emailed to you in a confidential email within 1-2 days. A toll-free phone number is provided in this email in case there are questions.

You can call and talk to trained medical professionals who are available to address any concerns that you have. See an example of the email that contains the STD testing results by clicking here. Click now for $10 off a complete, full-panel STD testing.

Follow up with a medical professional after the test is done and your status has been determined. You will get a free phone consultation to consult with a counselor in the event your test comes back positive. In some instances, a physician can prescribe simple medication to cure the infection that was found. The goal is to get you fast treatment if needed. Get started now.