Quick HIV Test in Columbus *STEP ONE* Get your Test electronically.

Get the HIV Test
Just buy the screening by phone or on the STD test website here. Connect to HIV Test centers in the Columbus area that make getting screened for STDs a fast and confidential process. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Quick HIV Test - Your Right to Privacy.
Your overall health condition is a pretty private matter. Your privacy is exceptionally important. All HIV Test centers are required by law to obey the HIPAA Privacy Rule which certifies your right to keep things private by keeping your screening information protected.


Quick HIV Test *STEP TWO* Stop in a Test center.

HEAD TO A LOCAL Test center in the Columbus region
There are welcoming Test centers nationwide so locating a lab is quick. All you've got to do is offer your zip code to pull up a listing of testing labs that are convenient. Before you go to the lab, you order and pay for everything online so it will be fast when you show up. There is no long delay, no forms to fill out or appointment necessary. Their goal is to help you out of the testing center confidentially and within minutes. Just give a pain-free urine or blood sample, depending on the test you select, and you can continue with your day. All Columbus Test centers will be open for business on Monday through Friday. Many labs are open on Saturday as well. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Quick HIV Test *STEP THREE* Learn the conclusions then confer with a physician at no cost.

The HIV Test results are furnished via email within less than 48 hours. Trained medical professionals are available for your convenience if further treatment is necessary. Medical professionals are also open to give a complimentary phone meeting when abnormal (positive) screenings occur. Will I be able to understand the results? Look at illustrated HIV Test results here . Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Talk to an STD counselor once the screening test has ended and the findings are completed. You will receive a toll-free telephone number so you can have a conversation with a trained STD counselor in the event your test comes back abnormal. In certain situations, the physician can recommend treatment medication for you to get rid of the STD that was found. Results emailed in 24-48 hours.