Simple AIDS Test in Charlotte *STEP ONE* Pay for your Test online.

Pay for the AIDS Test
Easily get the test by phone or online now. Connect with AIDS Test centers in the Charlotte region that make getting screened for STDs a quick and private process. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Simple AIDS Test - The Right to Privacy.
Your overall wellbeing is an extremely personal issue. Your confidentiality is especially crucial. All AIDS Test centers by law must follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule which legalizes your right to privacy by making your testing results sealed.


Simple AIDS Test *STEP TWO* Stop in a Test center.

HEAD TO A NEARBY Test center in the Charlotte area
There are countless Test centers at your disposal so getting to a screening lab is fast. All you've got to do is plug in the zip code of where you are to pull up a listing of testing centers to visit. Since the test is ordered and pre-paid online, it can be ready when you get there. There is no delay, no forms to fill out or appointment required. The purpose it to get you on your way quickly and in as little time as possible. All you have to do is offer a pain-free urine or blood sample, depending on the testing type, and you can go home. All Charlotte Test centers are open on Monday through Friday. Many test centers have Saturday hours too. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Simple AIDS Test *STEP THREE* Learn the end result and talk to a physician for free.

The AIDS Test conclusions are released to you in 48 hours or less. Special counselors are available for your convenience to address any concerns. Doctors are also standing by to give a complimentary phone consultation if your screening is abnormal. Will I be able to understand the results? See illustrated AIDS Test findings here . Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Talk to a medical professional once the testing is over and you know your status. You will be sent a contact telephone number so you can consult with a physician if your screening comes back positive. In specific situations, the doctor can order a certain medicine without further diagnostics. Free doctor referrals if needed.