Affordable Syphillis Test in Charlotte *STEP ONE* Get your Test online.

Pay for the Syphillis Test
Easily order the test by calling or electronically by clicking here. We connect you with Syphillis Test centers in the Charlotte region that make getting tested for STDs an easy and confidential process. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Affordable Syphillis Test - Your Right to Privacy.
Your sexual well-being is a pretty personal matter. Your confidentiality is extremely crucial. All Syphillis Test centers must abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule which guarantees your right to keep things private by keeping your medical files secure.


Affordable Syphillis Test *STEP TWO* Choose a Test center.

CHOOSE A NEARBY Test center in the Charlotte area
There are numerous Test centers to pick from so getting to a clinic is simple. Just offer the zip code of where you are to get a listing of labs in your area. Because the test is planned and paid in advance, it can be set when you get there. There is unncessary delay, no paperwork or appointment required. The objective is to get you out of the testing center confidentially and without embarrassment. Simply give a quick urine or blood sample, depending on the screening, and you're out of there. All Charlotte Test centers will be have scheduling on Monday through Friday. Many testing centers have weekend availability too. Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Affordable Syphillis Test *STEP THREE* Get the conclusions and speak to a physician for free.

The Syphillis Test conclusions are furnished by email within less than 48 hours. Specialists are available by phone to give answers. Professional counselors are also open for a complimentary phone consultation if your testing is not negative. How will the screening come back? Look at example Syphillis Test results here . Click here for $10 off your STD Testing.

Get your questions answered after the screening test is complete and you know your status. Results come with a toll-free phone number so you can speak to a medical professional if your screening is not negative. In several cases, the medic can propose treatment medication for you at that time. Counseling with positive results.